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We are in Singapore Design Week '23! Because Color is for All

ColorADD - Color Identification System® is an example of inclusive Design at Singapore Design Week ’23, from 21 September to October’s 1st. Singapore has been designated a UNESCO creative City of Design since 2015, joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). So, we proudly announce our presence and participation in the main event of Design in Asia, SDW’23. ColorADD®’s presence happens after the invitation for the showcase FI&LD, curated by Ker-Shing Ong and Josh Comaroff, the co-founders of Singapore-based Lekker Architects. “Presented by the Design Singapore Council, this specially commissioned exhibition at LASALLE College of the Arts(…), Asia’s leading contemporary arts and design institution, is a key event of Singapore Design Week, could be read at official website of the event in.

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