Primary and Secundary Colors

Black & White. Grey, Gold & Silver

Light Shades

Dark Shades



1 in 12 male | 1 in 200 female




Color is for ALL

Color is for ALL!

ColorADD is a unique, universal, inclusive and non-discriminative language that enables the color blind to identify colors, with a wide spectrum of use on companies/entities whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice. 





Miguel Neiva




ColorADD, The Color Alphabet

Five graphic symbols, represent the Primary Colors (Blue, Yellow, Red) plus White and Black.




Co-Creation Solutions

Win-win-win solutions for a more colorful world!



Because, Color is for ALL!




Must See




Asmodee universe launches the multi-award winning card game Sea, Salt & Paper for Brasil through Galápagos

Asmodee universe launches the multi-award winning card game Sea, Salt & Paper for brasil through Mundo Galápagos, bringing the first card game to being sold on with ColorADD in this LATAM country.


Praia da Vitória is the first municipality in the Autonomous Region of the Azores to leave a lifetime legacy of inclusion through color

The Municipal Executive of that city on Terceira Island, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, saw this partnership as an initiative of a lifetime, in which the municipality will be able to use the ColorADD color identification system in all its actions and attributions, which serves the color-blind population in the identification of Color, as long as it is a functional factor of orientation or choice.


Barcelona Metropolitan Area adopts ColorADD system for beach flags

The 2024 bathing season on the beaches of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area is marked by the start of the project to implement the ColorADD system on the sea state flags at 25 beach entrances in this district, with the aim of spreading this implementation to all beach entrances in the coming bathing seasons.