Primary and Secundary Colors

Black & White. Grey, Gold & Silver

Light Shades

Dark Shades



Color is for ALL!

ColorADD is a unique, universal, inclusive and non-discriminative language that enables the color blind to identify colors, with a wide infinite spectrum of use on companies/entities whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice. 



Take ColorADD to your Beach and your Beaches will be Inclusive and Accessible for over 350 Million People in the World - the Color blind.

Disseminating and implementing the ColorADD Code in Beach Flags appears as a pressing action that helps to save lives. Making beaches accessible, also for color blind people, helps to fulfill the purpose of “Beach for All”.

See here how to obtain the license to use ColorADD! Simple, Fast and Inclusive!


1 in 12 male - 1 in 200 female

Most color blind people struggle to distinguish between red and green.

42% felt difficulties in their social integration.