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Guimarães inaugurates the “First Inclusive Christmas Tree by Color”

Synergies between territorial entities set an unprecedented national example

The values of inclusion are a watchword in what is the mission role of public and private entities, assuming the social responsibility of awakening to the importance of making places, cities, equipment and environments increasingly inclusive and accessible to all.

Bearing in mind the importance of taking this path, the City of Guimarães is a pioneer in a process of common wills that bring together four living forces from the territory around the process of inclusion through Color - the City Council of Guimarães, Vitória Sport Clube, the Senhora da Oliveira Hospital and the “Espaço Guimarães” shopping mall.

In view of this shared sensibility, the four entities met on the 21st of December at 5 pm, at “Espaço Guimarães” for an unprecedented action in which the “First Inclusive Christmas Tree by Color” was inaugurated.

At the event there were representatives of each of the entities, as well as Miguel Neiva, creator of ColorADD, who all left their testimony of the importance and significance of the moment.

Motivated by the recognition of the ColorADD solution – the color identification code for colorblind people, as a unifying element and the way to include 350 million colorblind people around the world, this territory intends to demonstrate its ability to, through the strengths that in this initiative well represent it, include residents and visitors, demonstrating all the will and concerted efforts so that an element like Color can reach Everyone.

This symbolic initiative, in the middle of the Christmas season, intended to draw attention to an issue that affects everyone every day of the year, believing that at this particular time we tend to be more awake and be able to reflect differently. Christmas, the tree decorated with colored balls, will be in “Espaço Guimarães” with the ColorADD symbols that allow everyone to identify the colors of each of the balls that decorated it!

The “Cradle City” is thus the first city in the world to have an Inclusive Christmas Tree by Color.

It is true that a moment with this symbolism contains the strength of a path that makes a difference for its own sake!

Moreover, ColorADD is a universal, unique, inclusive and non-intrusive language that reinforces the purchasing independence and freedom of choice of people with color blindness, and is already present in more than 100 countries and is already present in the daily lives of the Portuguese, through inclusive actions of many public and private entities.