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“Extra Salt” the little bit that was missing from “Sea, Salt & Paper”… and we hadn’t noticed!

There are so many things and moments in life that need “extra seasoning”. It is good, but it could be even better! This was exactly the path that the creators at Studio Bombyx followed in this new “Extra Salt”. An extension of the original “Sea, Salt & Paper” where an entire ocean of paper has already enchanted players and won over fans internationally.

This game supplement has no life on its own and must be played with the original game. It consists of 8 new cards and 5 new origami figures – the jellyfish, the starfish, the lobster, the seahorse and the basket of crabs. Furthermore, this news will be one of the many highlights that the French creator Studio Bombyx will present at SPIEL 2023, in Germany, the largest fair in the world for Society Games and Board Games, where editors and fans will meet from the 5th to the 8th of October.

Authors: Bruno Cathala & Théo Rivière  | Illustrators: Pierre-Yves Gallard & Lucien Derainne