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ColorADD and the 20 Years of "Parque Nascente" Shopping center

20 Years of Parque Nascente where Color is Emotional… But Color is also Functional, Organizational, Orientative, Rational. As long as Color has the power to take us where we want to go, as a society, we have the power to bring Color to Everyone.

Symbolically the colors of the art panels commemorating the 20th anniversary of Parque Nascente are identified, in the course of a partnership project between KLEPIERRE Group and ColorADD we once again celebrate color.

Parque Nascente reinforces the concept of social responsibility to warn that there are 350 million people who cannot identify colors. The experience of visiting a Shopping Center is much more than shopping or strolling, enjoying a meal or going to the cinema. It is, increasingly, a social experience and shared responsibility, knowledge and interaction with others!