Primary and Secundary Colors

Black & White. Grey, Gold & Silver

Light Shades

Dark Shades



The ColorADD system is available in the MAR Shopping Matosinhos car park!

With the alphabet of colors it is possible to relate symbols representing the primary colors so that color blind people can identify the place they are looking for


World's first traffic light for colorblinds arrives in Lisbon, LUZ VERDE for more inclusion ...

Equipment now has symbols that allow people with visual impairment to distinguish colors.
Novelty will reach several Portuguese and worldwide cities.


The Dragão Stadium in Porto is the first in the world to be colour-blind inclusive

The Futebol Clube do Porto is implementing the ColorADD code system to enable those whose ability to see colour or differences in colour is decreased to have a better experience when in the stadium, visiting or watching a football game.